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Netia the second largest independent telecommunications operator in Poland. In 2012 the Company’s share in the Polish market of landline network and internet access amounted to an average of 14%. The Operator provides a total of approximately 2.6 million voice services, broadband internet access, data transmission and TV.

The reliability of Netia has been proven by 20 years of experience. The Company’s activity started at the end of 1990 under the name of R.P. Telekom. Since then, things have changed to a large extent – from the technology to the network range which currently provides coverage for the entire country. Today, the continuously developed backbone network includes more than 14,000 km of fibre optic lines in the metropolitan networks and joins over 50 largest cities and agglomerations.

One thing remains unchanged – striving to provide the highest quality of services at competitive prices. In practice, this means competitive price plans and technologies meeting the highest international standards. The innovative data transmission services which have been awarded at multiple occasions are developed in cooperation with the leading international suppliers and tested in the Operator’s laboratory.

Netia SA is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Its stock is included in such prestigious indexes as WIG30 and RESPECT as well as the CECE Telecom (CECE TEL) and CECE Infrastructure (CECE INF) indexes on the Vienna Stock Exchange. The Company closed year 2012 with revenue in the amount of PLN 2,121 billions .

Backbone network of main teletransmission nodes (hosts) and network interconnection points

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