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13 June 2017



Netia has completed the first phase of modernization and expansion of its Data Center in Warsaw. Currently, it is the first company in Poland to have in its own Collocation Center the most modern fire extinguishing system with "silent nozzles".

Netia is dynamically developing its range of data center services. We have already invested several dozen million PLN in the expansion and modernization of the Center’s entire infrastructure, including the latest generation fire protection system – claims Adam Kowalczyk, Senior Product Manager at Netia.

The degree of innovation of this system greatly enhances the safety of the protected devices. The system is also completely safe for the environment. With traditional solutions, gas discharge is accompanied by a loud noise of approximately 135dB, which is comparable to the take-off of a jet aircraft. This can cause permanent damage to the collocated hardware, such as hard drives that are very sensitive and may contain critical data.

In our system silent nozzles and pressure regulators ensure a constant gas flow from the cylinder, reducing any turbulence and the accompanying noise to a safe level of just over 100 dB – claims Zdzisław Bernaciak, Netia’s Head of Occupational Safety, Fire and Environmental Protection.

In modernizing its Collocation Center, Netia selected Tyco – one of the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of fixed firefighting equipment.

The quality of the applied technology and its professional performance are confirmed by national and international industry research institutes, including CNBOP (The Scientific Research Center for Fire Protection) and Vds, a German authority with more than 100 years of fire protection expertise.

About Netia’s Data Center

Netia’s Collocation Center is located in Warsaw at ul. Poleczki 13. The facility is equipped with redundant power and air conditioning systems and multi-stage safety systems. At this location alone the company now has 900 m2 of collocation area. In Q3 this year it will have an additional 320 m2 of new space.

Apart from the Collocation Center, the company also has server rooms throughout Poland, where it also provides collocation space for its customers. Netia's Data Center services are used by among others: banks, other telecom companies, large online stores, government agencies and the IT industry.

About Netia

Netia provides comprehensive, user-friendly on-line solutions and multimedia entertainment. The services are addressed to private users, companies and institutions.

Netia Group is one of the largest telecommunications operators in the Polish market. It employs almost 2 thousand people in 70 locations across Poland. The Capital Group includes, among others: Netia S.A., Internetia Sp. z o.o., Telefonia Dialog Sp. z o.o., Petrotel Sp. z o.o., and TK Telekom Sp. z o.o.

Netia (as R.P. Telekom) was founded in the early 1990s by a group of Polish entrepreneurs - enthusiasts supported by US investors in the telecommunications sector. Initially, it provided voice services, extending its portfolio to include data transmission services, broadband Internet access and pay digital television.

Since 2000, the Company's shares have been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Most of its shares are held by Polish investors (Mennica Polska, FIP 11 FIZ, Nationale-Nederlanden OFE, Aviva OFE, and PZU OFE "Złota Jesień").

The fiber-optic network that the Netia Group owns is nearly 20,000 km long and connects the Group’s metropolitan networks in over 50 towns and cities and provides several dozen independent international connections. The number of telecommunications facilities (including buildings, connection boxes, containers, masts) belonging to the Netia Group exceeds 30 thousand and the number of network nodes (PoP) is over 81 thousand.

It is estimated that the Netia network reaches over 70% of Class A and B office buildings in Poland. Over 2.5 million units are covered by the Netia Group’s own access networks.

Already every third own link belonging to Netia Group companies allows data transfer at the speeds above 100 Mb/s. As part of the 21st Century Network project, in 2020 Netia's network will be fully modernized to the fiber-optic standard.

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