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01 July 2019



International Telecoms Week 2019 in Atlanta has already come to an end. This annual meeting of the telco services wholesale market gathered over 7,000 participants from over 2,000 companies from 135 countries. As every year before, Netia participated in this event with their Wholesale representatives. 

The situation in the international market of wholesale data services is always a result of the global economic situation. The demand for telecommunications services is growing due to the economic boom, expansion of global companies and new investments. As a key player in the Polish market in the provision of DATA end services for all major global players, Netia is also a beneficiary of this process. However, this is not happening on its own.

“Netia’s current position is the effect of many years of work of the entire Netia International team, the result of a strategy in which we focused not only on competitive prices but also on what is equally important for our customers: an efficient process of providing services, including rapid implementation of projects; support at every stage of implementation and clear communication between the parties involved; and keeping promises. We listen to our customers and learn from their feedback. We are constantly improving our operations and it has given us great results,” said Marcin Chłopecki, Director for Wholesale Market and Telecommunications Service Providers at Netia.

One of the most important events in the world of telco – the multilateral ITW2019 meeting, which took place at the end of June 2019 in Atlanta – was a great opportunity to talk to our customers, as well as to get to know their needs and plans for the next months. It gave us a chance to conduct several dozen sales meetings with both current and potential Netia customers. The event was an excellent forum for new business opportunities, but also for summarizing our cooperation so far. 

“Apart from development od business with customers with whom we have been cooperating for years, we also establish cooperation with new Partners. Thanks to the conference such as ITW we can talk with international operators who are searching for partners in the provision of telecommunications services in the very rapidly developing Polish market. At similar meetings in previous years we managed to acquire several significant players, such as British Vodafone and COLT and Swedish Telia, for whom we are currently the leading provider of services in Poland. The so-called “boarding” of this type of Partners (i.e. the whole process from the first meeting through arranging the terms of cooperation, negotiations, launching the point of interconnection, up to the receipt of the first, much expected order) can last from a few to several dozen months, so we can say that it is a continuous process. The Conference in Atlanta attracts a lot of delegates from all over the world every year and for us it is a great business potential for the future,” said Jacek Zapytowski, Wholesale Manager at Netia.

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