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18 May 2017



Netia was the first operator in Poland to implement a DWDM system in its network using modern GMPLS-based mechanisms that allow for instant and automatic restoring of connections in the event of a fiber-optic breakdown. An additional advantage of the new solution is the possibility of encrypting a customer’s physical connections (lambdas).

"With the GMPLS technology, the average connection restoring time in the Netia DWDM system is a mere 180 seconds, while traditional repairs of fiber-optic cables can take many hours. That’s an important plus, especially for Netia customers using advanced services" – claims Jacek Wiśniewski, Netia S.A.’s Director of Technology and Network Management.

The tests conducted have confirmed the effectiveness of this technology even at very long distances. For this purpose Netia has set up Poland’s longest non-regenerative link with the length of 3,827 km and a bitrate of 100 Gb/s. It should be stressed that the link was launched not in a laboratory, but on the actual Netia network, in parallel with other commercial services in operation.

With the design of the DWDM network, Netia was careful to select the top class devices and such fiber-optic routes that could ensure both the ability to restore links in the event of multiple breakdowns and ultra short delay times (e.g. less than 2.3 ms on the Warsaw-Poznań route). In addition, the system offers the ability to encrypt customer connections (lambdas), ensuring the highest level of security for the transmitted data.

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