04 July 2019



A knowledge zone YOUTRO by NetiaNext has been made available on the Netia Biznes website (www.biznes.netia.pl). In this innovative and accessible form, experts share their ideas concerning implementation of digital technologies in business in the future.

“Usually, the ability to adapt to the ever-changing business conditions is the main factor which determines the competitive advantage of a given company. Therefore, it is crucial to encourage innovation culture and exploit the potential of technology in every aspect of organisation,” stated Wojciech Kudlicki, B2B Products and Marketing Director at Netia.

“We cannot predict what the future of business will look like. However, we do know that if a company adapts to the upcoming technological changes successfully, it will be far better off. In order to ease this process of adaptation for our current and potential clients, we decided to share the knowledge of our ICT experts from the NetiaNext team. That’s why the YOUTRO knowledge zone appeared on the biznes.netia.pl website,” added Rafał Bakalarz, B2B Sales Director for ICT at Netia.

In the YOUTRO knowledge zone you can find recordings of webinars, a blog and much more – all content authored by ITC experts. The subject matter of the materials concerns the broadly defined business of the future and includes, among others: Cyber security, artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), cloud solutions or blockchain.

The content is comprehensible, intended not only for persons with experience in the IT industry, but also for users who have just begun to explore the subject area of business combined with modern technologies.